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Values that drive me


Maybe you’ve never done hypnosis before, and you are curious. It’s a great experience and a gift to give yourself.


I respect your values, your thoughts, your social and professional environment.


You already have everything inside of you to create a great life and free yourself from old ways, beliefs, and blocked emotions. You and I team up to increase your well-being


Tell me if any of this

resonates with you…

You struggle with your mean inner voice criticizing everything you do

The anxious voice in your head is constantly freaking out and you have a hard time turning it off.

You find it hard to make decisions and always second-guessing yourself

Your mind automatically goes to worse-case scenario when trying something new or different.

You overthink everything and find it hard to turn off the mental chatter

It’s impossible to relax because of the hamster wheel of anxious thoughts keeps spinning.

You have a general sense of dread in the stomach about the day ahead

You feel overwhelmed with long to-do lists and you feel you can’t get it all done.

Marie jumping on a beach with a lighthouse in the back

If you said “yes” to any of above,
then you are in the right place!


What hypnosis can help you do…

Heal from the past

Healing means letting go of thoughts and feelings from the past, so they don’t impact you in the present. Whether it is trauma, emotional pain, or painful events, you can hit the reset button. 

Change your stories you tell yourself

We tell ourselves all sorts of stories that keep us stuck in our lives. By looking at a situation from another angle, you can change it. What you focus on will grow.

Evacuate stuck emotions

Everyone carries unprocessed emotions from experiences to some degree. However, emotions that aren’t dealt with don’t just go away. You can release what’s weighing you down so you can stop being triggered.

Cut unconscious loyalties

Sometimes, family loyalties can impact us unconsciously and we can give ourselves permission to do differently. 

Make an upgrade

We can increase joy, confidence, fun, focus, serenity and whatever else you choose. Turn the volume up to qualities you already have inside of you.

Break free from limiting beliefs

A limiting belief is an idea that we have about ourselves or life that blocks us from achieving what we truly want to achieve. Our limiting beliefs are deeply rooted in our subconscious mind and prevents us from seeing or believing in possibility. It’s time to do an update!


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