Enhance your life with coaching


Why coaching?

 It is intended for anyone wishing to have a personal and/or professional development.


• It can give you the means to develop your potential and believe in yourself.

• It’s an opportunity to be guided and encouraged at a time when you feel your life is “stagnating” or when going through a tough transition.

• It can help you restore your confidence in yourself and your abilities.


My role is to help you change your perception of things, to find your place by becoming aware of your potential and the power you have over your life.

What is Sajece coaching ?

When someone comes to see me, consciously, the person wants to feel better, but it’s at the unconscious level that blocks arise. With the Sajece method, we are unlocking the unconscious blocks, allowing for rapid coaching.

Just like hypnosis, Sajece coaching is a gentle and non-directive method. Its main goal is to identify and lift unconscious blocks thanks to metaphorical questions and symbolic exercises.


How is Sajece coaching different from other coaching methods?

1. The tools

Sajece coaching uses metaphors to bypass the barrier of the conscious mind and speak directly to the unconscious mind. It brings unconscious things back to consciousness. By unlocking your own unconscious programming and limiting beliefs, by working on your fears, it helps you unlock what prevents you from doing things naturally.

2. The philosophy
Sajece coaching is innovative by its gentleness and kindness to help you find your own solutions. It’s about re-educating your thought system and suppressing your limiting beliefs.
3. The One-off approach
A Sajece coaching session will help you take a step to the side, see things from a different perspective, and shed light on any blocks that prevent you from moving forward serenely in your life.

Because things shift at the unconscious level, you can move forward and be autonomous rapidly. If you feel like you need another session, you’re welcome to contact me.


My vision as a coach


A Coach’s main objective is your well-being.


A coach helps you find your inner ressources to move forward on your chosen path.


A coach isn’t an expert that knows better than you what’s good for you.

Honesty & Kindness

A coach should be honest & kind.


A coach helps you identify your values, talents, limiting beliefs & blocks.

Role Model

A coach has a coach.


What is the process like?

1 • Chemistry

You can decide to have a free chemistry call (15 min) to see if we are a good fit for each other.

2 • Booking

Book your session and write down what you’d like to work on.

3 • Questionnaire

I will create a fun and tailor-made questionnaire for you to answer in the clearest and most honest way possible prior to our session.

4 • Coaching session

We will shed light on any blocks that prevent you from achieving your goal (through different tools, questions, images, etc.)

5 • Integration

You decide if you need one coaching or several.


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