Working together with hypnosis

How can I help you?


A Natural state

Hypnosis is a natural state that occurs whenever we are focused on something, and we forget what’s around us. We often experience it in our daily lives when driving, watching television, or reading a book.


Hypnosis enables us to access some unconscious programs (usually limiting beliefs from childhood), delete ones that are no longer serving us, and install new positive ones. Just like when update a computer.


During a session, the practitioner merely guides the person to reach a state of hypnosis by occupying the conscious mind, so it can reach the subconscious and deliver it messages.

Who is hypnosis for ?

SAJECE© hypnosis is for anyone wishing to change, to modify their behavior or their emotions.

This is for anyone who wants to experience deep relaxation. You don’t need to have a problem to try hypnosis. You can do a session just to make yourself feel good.

What is the process like?

Hypnosis sessions are done online via Google Meet. You will remain conscious the whole time. You will hear everything I say to you, but sometimes, you may feel like you’re somewhere else. It is a relaxing experience with long-term effects.

1. Briefing

You share the areas you’d like to work on, and I answer your questions.

2. Getting comfortable

You sit or lay comfortably with your head supported. This is a moment for yourself. Bring a pillow and a blanket and cozy up.

3. Hypnosis session

I invite you to close your eyes and I will simply guide you with my voice toward a natural state of hypnosis. I tell you stories during 40 minutes with hidden positive messages, personalized for you.

4. Debriefing

Your subconscious will take the messages it needs and eliminate blockages to make the necessary changes toward happiness and well-being.


Best results with follow-up

Do you want to fast-track your results? I offer coaching sessions to help you find your own solutions.

Whatever your goal may be, coaching will allow you to realize that you already have the answers inside of you.

My role is to help you change your perception of things, so that you can become aware of your potential and your power over your life. 

I will be your accountability partner so we can re-educate your thought system and remove your limiting beliefs.

As a health coach and a SAJECE© hypnosis practitioner, I combine my expertise in these two areas to offer you a gentle approach that allows us to work on the origin of a problem.

Together, we can shed light on any blockages that prevent you from moving forward toward your goals.

Your conscious and unconscious mind team up to lead you toward your goals and dreams.

By developing your potential, you are using your inner resources to increase your well-being and your joie de vivre.


Your step toward happiness


Tobacco, alcohol, gambling, sugar, compulsive shopping


Fears & phobias, anger, sadness, guilt, injustice, betrayal, abandonment, anxiety, grief


Libido, infidelity, jealousy, divorce, separation


Weight management, eating disorders, allergies, physical pains, headaches and migraines, skin problems, sleep issues, stress, trauma, burnouts and more.

Secrets & Burdens

Family secrets & loyalties

Personal Development

Self-confidence, creativity, abundance, language learning, focus, motivation, procrastination, exam preparation, sport competition


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